Is Portable a publisher?

Yes, and more. We are a publishing services agency for all kinds of authors and genres. We do everything that a publisher does and we add to that the “know-how” of literary and advertising agencies in order to provide an integral service.

Is it very expensive to publish with Portable Publishing Group?

No. We are an on-demand publishing company, specialized on independent authors. We know of your aspirations and obstacles. That is why we are experts in managing quality editorial processes at a low cost.

Who can publish with Portable?

Everyone. Unpublished and published authors, new and experienced writers, professors, students, professionals      in any field of knowledge. In short, anyone with the wish and dream of publishing a book.

Do you evaluate my book before publishing it?

Yes. At Portable we understand each book as a unique project. We are committed to work with the manuscript at all levels. That is why we love to learn about the work and its author, in order to set achievable editorial proposals. All works are welcome. The result is our task. 

If I still don’t have a finished book, can I reach to Portable Publishing Group?

Absolutely. The close work with the authors is what makes us different. No publisher      accepts      books in progress. But we do. We help you write it, improve it and, of course, publish it.


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