Our publication model is designed with low-cost and high-profitability for authors criteria. Portable Publishing Group is an option for authors who have not found their place in the publishing market, writers who wish for a higher profit margin for their books, or creators who want to publish their first work with the support of an international publishing label.

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All the works we receive are analyzed by our Publishing Committee, which assesses the quality of the manuscript and determines its viability for editing and release. Why do we do this? Because we are not a “shopping cart” publisher. In each book that we publish, the publisher absorbs a significant part of the costs and sets an investment on the Author’s part to guarantee that the project is viable –and attractive– for both parties.

We have a clear mission: to support as many independent authors as possible and to make a reality their dream of publishing a book rigorously, with quality and with real possibilities in the market. That requires a great work from our publishing team that, although they might not receive masterpieces every day, they will for sure put the greatest effort, intelligence and expertise for each book to conquer more and better readers all over the entire world.

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The deadline for reading and analyzing each original is a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt. Subsequently, Portable Publishing Group will extend a publishing proposal to the author, with the required investment and the necessary time for their’s book successful release.

The originals of the works will be received in Word format (.doc, .docx) at 

Please, do not send PDF’s! Our editors need, in addition to highlighting and editing the text for its analysis, to count the manuscript’s words to determine more accurately the possible publishing’s costs. Can you imagine someone telling word for word above a printed book? Neither do we.

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Don’t worry about confidentiality and the proper use of your work. Only last year we published more than 50 authors. In addition to publishers, we are enthusiastic readers and we are part of America’s cultural industriesWe know how much it is worth to write a book, so we know how to respect that.     

We will be delighted to read your work.

We want to meet you and we want you to be read.

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