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Publishing your own book can become a reality with Portable Publishing Group. We join you throughout the editing process and give you comprehensive advice on book marketing and branding for authors. Sell ​​your books and become an author with us. Are you ready to reach readers from all around the world?


Construction of the book step by step with you, from the initial idea to the finished text.


Texts, illustrations, photographs, videos, tables, graphics, all according to the needs of your book.


We ensure that your text meets the highest quality levels in the publishing sector.


We make your book more attractive in virtual and physical bookstores.


We convert your book into an eBook compatible with electronic devices (iPad, Iphone, Kindle, Android, Nook, Kobo) and the best digital stores in the world.


We protect the authorship and rights of your book. We give you digital and printed license for Latin America and the world.


We manage the entire book printing process to suit you with the highest quality and according to your budget. Do you want to print while you are selling? We have the solution for you: print only the books you need. 1, 10, 50, 1000.


Through us you can sell your book in stores, bookstores and libraries in more than 85 countries (Amazon, iBooks, Google Play, Casa del Libro, Kobo, El Corte Inglés, Gandhi, Barnes and Noble, Porrúa, OneDrive, etc.)

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A publisher?  Yes.

An agency for independent authors?  Yes.

A creativity consultancy?  Also.

We are a creative and flexible publishing house, dedicated to training authors, making books and finding readers. At Portable we combine the energy of a start up with the added experience of an expert team in all areas of the publishing industry.

At Portable we understand each book as a unique and original publishing project. We combine the accessibility of self-publishing with the quality of world-class publishers. We use the #SmartEdition model to discover, support and promote authors of multiple interests, aspirations and formats. 

Our specialty is to find authors who inspire, build unforgettable content and make quality books to be read in the world. We are more than a publisher: we are an agency for authors of the future.


What do we believe in?

In #People: writers, readers, professors, students, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, professionals. Everyone counts.     

In #OriginalIdeas: our way of seeing (and transforming) the world.

In #RealNetworks: what unites and makes us build communities all around the world.

In #Talent: what drives us to be unique and vibrate with others.

In #Authors: those who write, those who create, those who lift up universes through words: our reason for being.

In #Books: what drives us to leave a mark on what we do.

In #LiteraryWorks: what inspires us and we want to share.

In #E: eBook, eLearning, ePublishing, eCommerce: the ways to stay at the global’s leading edge. 



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